Lucy Marguerite Cooper

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BACKGROUND Increased vitamin D intake may preserve or increase bone mineral density (BMD) in older persons. OBJECTIVE A 2-y double-blind study was undertaken to determine whether weekly administration of 10 000 units of vitamin D(2) maintained or increased BMD in younger postmenopausal women more efficiently than did calcium supplements alone. DESIGN(More)
Introduction: Musculoskeletal complaints can impact on work in terms of productivity, sickness absence and long term incapacity for work. While employee attitudes and knowledge can drive absenteeism and presenteeism behaviour, managers also play an important role in influencing this via the quality of their relationships with employees and their role in(More)
Subjects who were administered thiopental showed a loss of memory for events discussed while they were under sedation. We tested the subjects for recognition memory of pictures and recall of associated pairs of letters and words, and found that the subsequent memory loss was correlated with the concentration of thiopental in the venous blood at the time the(More)
Concern has been raised that the increased use of pesticides in intensive aquaculture practices may cause adverse sublethal effects to non-target aquatic species. Azamethiphos is an organophosphate (OP) pesticide used to combat sea lice infestations in farmed salmonids. Here, the sublethal impact on the blue mussel, Mytilus edulis, of short term exposure to(More)