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CORD-19: The COVID-19 Open Research Dataset
The mechanics of dataset construction are described, highlighting challenges and key design decisions, an overview of how CORD-19 has been used, and several shared tasks built around the dataset are described. Expand
Construction of the Literature Graph in Semantic Scholar
This paper reduces literature graph construction into familiar NLP tasks, point out research challenges due to differences from standard formulations of these tasks, and report empirical results for each task. Expand
S2ORC: The Semantic Scholar Open Research Corpus
In S2ORC, a large corpus of 81.1M English-language academic papers spanning many academic disciplines is introduced, which is expected to facilitate research and development of tools and tasks for text mining over academic text. Expand
TREC-COVID: Constructing a Pandemic Information Retrieval Test Collection
TREC-COVID is a community evaluation designed to build a test collection that captures the information needs of biomedical researchers using the scientific literature during a pandemic. One of theExpand
Fact or Fiction: Verifying Scientific Claims
We introduce scientific claim verification, a new task to select abstracts from the research literature containing evidence that supports or refutes a given scientific claim, and to identifyExpand
TREC-COVID: rationale and structure of an information retrieval shared task for COVID-19
TREC-COVID differs from traditional IR shared task evaluations with special considerations for the expected users, IR modality considerations, topic development, participant requirements, assessment process, relevance criteria, evaluation metrics, iteration process, projected timeline, and the implications of data use as a post-task test collection. Expand
Ontology alignment in the biomedical domain using entity definitions and context
This work proposes a method for enriching entities in an ontology with external definition and context information, and uses this additional information for ontology alignment, and develops a neural architecture capable of encoding the additional information when available. Expand
Fluctuation Analysis of Peak Expiratory Flow and Its Association with Treatment Failure in Asthma
Increased temporal self‐similarity (&agr;) of more variable lung function (CVpef) is associated with treatment failure, but the pattern of change in self-similarity leading up to treatment failure is variable across individuals. Expand
GORC: A large contextual citation graph of academic papers
We introduce the Semantic Scholar Graph of References in Context (GORC),1 a large contextual citation graph of 81.1M academic publications, including parsed full text for 8.1M open access papers,Expand