Lucy Jones

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Immigration is a key political issue in the United Kingdom. The 2014 Immigration Act includes a number of measures intended to reduce net immigration, including removing the right of non-European Economic Area migrants to access free health care. This change risks widening existing health and social inequalities. This study explored the experiences of(More)
Functional recovery of the upper limb is poor and as many as 50% of stroke survivors still have impairments at 6 months post stroke, despite rehabilitation efforts. With the move towards early supported discharge and community-based rehabilitation, novel solutions are needed to deliver the amount of quality therapy that is required for optimum recovery. We(More)
This article describes the ongoing process of engaging with users in the development and evaluation of prototype visualisation software, which aims to assist in the understanding and improvement of appropriate movements during rehabilitation. The value of the process is illustrated in the article with a discussion of the key findings of pre-pilot focus(More)
While the need to realign the continuum and change the delivery system is one of the many factors driving health care reform, it is clear that a major transformation of the delivery system is already under way and that ambulatory care and home care are at the forefront of that movement. This trend is likely to continue regardless of the pace of health(More)
This article demonstrates how members of a lesbian community of practice make interactional moves that allow them to position themselves as "authentically lesbian." Through the use of discourse analysis and a sociocultural linguistics focus on indexicality, the speakers are shown to invoke broadly accessible stereotypes and ideologies and to rework them in(More)
Malnutrition in hospitals is an ongoing international issue. Research indicates that there are many barriers to nutritional care, including lack of nursing time, knowledge and understanding. The Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust runs an annual audit on standards of nutritional screening and subsequent care. To fulfil the organisation's(More)