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The transcription factor PAX6 has been implicated in forebrain patterning, cerebral cortical arealization and in development of thalamocortical connections. Using a Pax6/lacZ knockout mouse, in which the endogenous Pax6 expression is reflected by beta-galactosidase activity, we have studied the consequences of the loss of Pax6 function on thalamocortical(More)
We describe a family of 9 affected individuals in three generations with nocturnal oro-facio-brachial partial seizures, secondarily generalized partial seizures, and centro-temporal epileptiform discharges, associated with oral and speech dyspraxia and cognitive impairment. The speech disorder was prominent, but differed from that of Landau-Kleffner(More)
Fat-associated lymphoid clusters (FALCs) are a type of lymphoid tissue associated with visceral fat. Here we found that the distribution of FALCs was heterogeneous, with the pericardium containing large numbers of these clusters. FALCs contributed to the retention of B-1 cells in the peritoneal cavity through high expression of the chemokine CXCL13, and(More)
Although dendritic cells (DCs) are adept initiators of CD4(+) T cell responses, their fundamental importance in this regard in Th2 settings remains to be demonstrated. We have used CD11c-diphtheria toxin (DTx) receptor mice to deplete CD11c(+) cells during the priming stage of the CD4(+) Th2 response against the parasitic helminth Schistosoma mansoni. DTx(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare manual and automated preoperative and postoperative hippocampal volume measurements in patients with intractable epilepsy. METHODS We studied 34 patients referred to the Clinical Epilepsy Section, National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS), National Institutes of Health (NIH) for evaluation of intractable epilepsy(More)
Survival and genome stability are critical characteristics of healthy cells. DNA palindromes pose a threat to genome stability and have been shown to participate in a reaction leading to the formation of inverted chromosome duplications centered around themselves. There is considerable interest in the mechanism of this rearrangement given its likely(More)
Dendritic cells (DCs) direct CD4(+) T-cell differentiation into diverse helper (Th) subsets that are required for protection against varied infections. However, the mechanisms used by DCs to promote Th2 responses, which are important both for immunity to helminth infection and in allergic disease, are currently poorly understood. We demonstrate a key role(More)
  • Lucy Jones, Richard Bernknopf, Susan Cannon, Dale A Cox, Len Gaydos, Jon Keeley +22 others
  • 2007
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This article describes the ongoing process of engaging with users in the development and evaluation of prototype visualisation software, which aims to assist in the understanding and improvement of appropriate movements during rehabilitation. The value of the process is illustrated in the article with a discussion of the key findings of pre-pilot focus(More)