Lucy I Spirling

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AIMS To compare the effectiveness of varenicline with nicotine replacement for smoking cessation and to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of varenicline in people with mental illness. DESIGN Evaluation of consecutive routine cases before and after the introduction of varenicline. SETTING National Health Service (NHS) tobacco dependence clinic in(More)
OBJECTIVES Tobacco dependence and depression are believed to have a common familial component, most probably genetic, and mood disorders have been reliably associated with failure to stop smoking. Variant genotypes of the Taq1A (DRD2/ANKK1, 32806T, rs1800497) polymorphism have been associated with failure to stop smoking in some studies, but not others. We(More)
Throughout history different species of mint have been used across the globe for their varying properties, both medicinal and culinary. Today, the commercial sales of mints are expanding each year--and at the end of a large meal after-dinner mints are frequently served. But why do we take them? Peppermint (Mentha piperita) is usually taken after a meal for(More)
As a surgeon William S Halsted's most notable contributions were in the development of a technique for radical mastectomy, the repair of inguinal herniae and the advancement of bowel anastomoses. However, he will perhaps be best remembered for his introduction of the use of the surgical glove and his reasons were probably the least scientific of all those(More)
The peptide endothelin 3 (EDN3) is essential for normal neural crest development in vivo, and is a potent mitogen for quail truncal crest cells in vitro. It is not known which subpopulations of crest cells are targets for this response, although it has been suggested that EDN3 is selective for melanoblasts. In the absence of cell markers for different(More)
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