Lucy Gordon

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BACKGROUND Parathyroidectomy for primary hyperparathyroidism has conventionally required identification of all parathyroid glands with excision of grossly abnormal glands. Using this approach, cure rates exceed 95%. Directed cervical exploration has been advocated using quick intraoperative parathyroid hormone (QPTH) assay with preoperative localization.(More)
How does seeing a painful event happening to someone else influence the observer's own motor system? To address this question, we measured simple reaction times following videos showing noxious or innocuous implements contacting corporeal or noncorporeal objects. Key releases in a go/nogo task were speeded, and key presses slowed, after subjects saw a video(More)
Nephrotoxicity comparisons of aminoglycosides in rats, utilizing large multiples of human doses, have indicated an advantage for netilmicin. However, no nephrotoxicity advantage of netilmicin has been demonstrated at the lower doses used in clinics. Some high-dose studies in rats have also suggested that the slope of the nephrotoxicity dose-response curve(More)
Most investigations of the comparative nephrotoxicities of aminoglycosides in animals have utilized large multiples of the human dose. Furthermore, many of these assessments have used only one or two dose levels and have not described a dose-response comparison among antibiotics. Because of this lack of comparative dose-response data over a range of low(More)
BACKGROUND When a moving stimulus and a briefly flashed static stimulus are physically aligned in space the static stimulus is perceived as lagging behind the moving stimulus. This vastly replicated phenomenon is known as the Flash-Lag Effect (FLE). For the first time we employed biological motion as the moving stimulus, which is important for two reasons.(More)
We have developed a stainless steel internal tendon anchor that is used to strengthen a tendon repair. This study tested its use in vitro to produce a repair that can withstand the tensile strength demands of early active flexion. Fresh human cadaver flexor digitorum profundus tendons were harvested, divided, and then repaired using four different(More)
Our goal was to investigate and compare the mechanical properties of multifilament stainless steel suture (MFSS) and polyethylene multi-filament core FiberWire in flexor tendon repairs. Flexor digitorum profundus tendons were repaired in human cadaver hands with either a 4-strand cruciate cross-lock repair or 6-strand modified Savage repair using 4-0 and(More)
A stainless steel external tendon splint was used in repair of cadaver tendons and compared with standard tendon repairs with suture. The splint was combined with a Kessler repair and tested against the Kessler, Becker, and Savage repairs in fresh human cadaver flexor digitorum profundus tendons. Biomechanical testing was done on a tensile testing machine,(More)
BACKGROUND With increasing experience, we have encountered patients with complex aortofemoral prosthetic infections in whom extra-anatomic bypass (EAB) is not an option. HYPOTHESIS Autogenous superficial femoropopliteal vein (SFPV) aortic reconstruction provides a limb-saving and lifesaving alternative with acceptable morbidity and mortality. DESIGN(More)
An oral butorphanol/acetaminophen (4 mg/650 mg) combination product was evaluated for analgesic activity in 120 postoperative patients employing a double-blind experimental design. The combination product was significantly (p less than 0.05) superior to either butorphanol (4 mg) or acetaminophen (650 mg) as well as placebo. Except for acetaminophen which(More)