Lucy Golding

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Four data sets collected with the MARK II detector during its operation at the SPEAR and PEP e+e-storage rings are used to study the Bose-Einstein correlation between pairs and triplets of like sign charged pions. The data sets represent four different regions of energy available for hadron production: the .7/lc, at ,/Z = 3.095 GeV, typical hadronic energy(More)
We use data taken by the Mark II detector at the PEP storage ring to study inclusive lepton production in e+e-annihilation at 29 GeV. From fits to the inclusive lepton momentum and transverse momentum spectra we measure the semileptonic branching ratios for charm and bottom hadrons. We also determine with good precision the mean value of the bottom(More)
A search for single electrons from the decay of singly produced selectrons has been made at the PEP storage ring at SLAC. No events of this type have been found in 123 pb-' of data, resulting in a cross section limit of less than 2.4 x 10v2 pb wit,hin the detector acceptance, and a 95% confidence level lower limit on the selectron mass of 22.2 Gev/c2.(More)
This investigation explored the association between anxiety sensitivity and attentional bias for threatening information in children and adolescents (N = 40). Participants completed a pictorial version of the visual-probe task, featuring pain-related, health-threat and general-threat images presented for 500 and 1250 ms. Regression analyses revealed(More)
The permanent magnet (PM) motor for a rotary dynamic blood pump requires high power density to coordinate the motor size with the limited pump space and high efficiency to reduce the size and weight of the associated batteries. The motor also serves as a passive axial magnetic thrust bearing, a reacting hydraulic force, and provides a stabilizing force for(More)
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