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A total of 4,952 articles published in 1970, 1975, 1980, 1985, and 1990 in the areas of developmental, clinical, physiological, and social psychology were reviewed for the purpose of assessing various indicators of sexism in human psychological research. Significant changes in sex of first author, sex of participants, sexist language, and inappropriate(More)
The present study investigated the association between psychophysiological reactivity and recovery and physical and psychological symptoms both directly and interactively with environmental stress. Symptoms, environmental stress, and psychophysiological reactivity to and recovery from a laboratory stressor were measured in 50 subjects. As in previous(More)
The present study was designed to evaluate the nature of the differences between psychopathy and depression. Based on previously articulated theoretical models, we hypothesized an inverse relationship between the two clinical constructs. Archival data were retrieved from 231 outpatient clients who had completed measures of depression and psychopathy.(More)
  • L Gannon
  • 1977
Research concerned with the psychology and physiology of interoceptive processes is reviewed with the purpose of evaluating theoretical formulations of learned visceral control. Basic animal research in interoception provides relevant information; however, much research dealing directly with interoception and learned control is inadequate due either to(More)
Thirty male and 58 female students responded to questionnaires based on a 9-month period in a prospective study of the impact of hardiness, life events, and hassles on reports of somatic symptoms. The data were analyzed utilizing cross-lagged panel analyses, analyses of variance, and multiple regression analyses. The results suggested that life events,(More)
The primary purpose of the present study was to increase our understanding of the roles of chronicity and controllability in the measurement of stress within the context of stress-illness relationships. Controllability and chronicity were assessed directly using a modified version of the Everyday Problems Scale. In addition to this scale, measures of(More)
The psychophysiological correlates of induced headaches were examined. Subjects with frequent muscle-contraction headaches, frequent migraine headaches, or infrequent headaches were exposed to a 1-h cognitive stressor while multiple electromyographic and cardiovascular measures were monitored. The stressor was associated with significant changes in all(More)
According to the Arg/N-end rule pathway, proteins with basic N-termini are targeted for degradation by the Arabidopsis thaliana E3 ligase, PROTEOLYSIS6 (PRT6). Proteins can also become PRT6 substrates following post-translational arginylation by arginyltransferases ATE1 and 2. Here, we undertook a quantitative proteomics study of Arg/N-end rule mutants,(More)