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The timing of migration from feeding to breeding areas is a critical link between the growth and survival of adult animals, their reproduction, and the fitness of their progeny. Commercial fisheries often catch a large fraction of the migrants (e.g., salmon), and exploitation rates can vary systematically over the fishing season. We examined daily records(More)
We review fleet dynamics and fishermen behavior from an economic and sociological basis in developing fisheries, in mature fisheries near full exploitation, and in senescent fisheries that are overexploited and overcapitalized. In all cases, fishing fleets behave rationally within the imposed regulatory structures. Successful, generalist fishermen who take(More)
A theoretical model was developed and tested to explain the effects of learned helplessness, self-esteem, and depression on the health practices of homeless women. Data were collected from a sample of 122 homeless women recruited from six shelters. Structural equation analysis was used to evaluate the model. Analysis revealed a goodness-of-fit index of 98,(More)
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