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Publish don’t perish: A practical workshop on the politics, life-cycle and structure of academic journal publication
As graduate students, writers, and editors of an academic journal, we identify that writing for coursework and writing for publication are two fundamentally different tasks. Likewise, publishing fromExpand
Experiences of Rural Students with Schooling in Community Schools in Egypt
This study examined the schooling experiences of eleven graduates from the rural south of Egypt with primary community schools in Assiut. The study used individual interviews and focus groups toExpand
Discourses Of Muslim Citizenship and Belonging in the West Across Six Decades
The Road to Mecca by Asad (1954/2005), and Islam is a Foreign Country by Grewal (2014), are rich texts spanning six decades that theorize Muslim identities in the West. Asad’s classic account of aExpand
Mirages in the desert: Theorizing Western Muslim identity across 60 years
ABSTRACT Theorizations on Western Muslim identity that are multi-layered and grounded in actual Western Muslim experiences are hard to find. Two exceptions to this are The Road to Mecca by MuhammadExpand
“One message, all the time and in every way”:1 Spatial subjectivities and pedagogies of citizenship
ABSTRACT What are the pedagogical encounters through which we learn about hierarchies of citizenship and the positions to which we belong in a nation? In this article, we seek to answer this questionExpand
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'Successful' alternative education: Still reproducing inequalities? The case of the community school program in Egypt
Community schooling is an alternative form of education that centers on partnerships between the community and/or the state, aid organizations, and non-governmental organizations. The CommunityExpand
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Invitations to difference: Refusing white pedagogies of racial inclusions
What does it mean to invite difference? The Canadian “mosaic” or the American “melting pot” are both nationalistic ways of welcoming racial differences into white supremacist racial hierarchies, andExpand