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Plasma Membrane Cholesterol as a Regulator of Human and Rodent P2X7 Receptor Activation and Sensitization*
Background: P2X7 receptors are important in inflammation and immunity, but excessive activation results in cell death. Results: Facilitation of P2X7 receptor currents and dilation of the pore areExpand
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Splice variants of the P2X7 receptor reveal differential agonist dependence and functional coupling with pannexin-1
Summary P2X7 receptors function as ATP-gated cation channels but also interact with other proteins as part of a larger signalling complex to mediate a variety of downstream responses that areExpand
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The trafficking and targeting of P2X receptors
The functional expression of P2X receptors at the plasma membrane is dependent on their trafficking along secretory and endocytic pathways. There are seven P2X receptor subunits, and these differ inExpand
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