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AIMS The frequency of the Taq I A alleles (A1 and A2) of the D2 dopamine receptor (DRD2) gene was examined in Caucasian post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) patients and controls. RESULTS In 91 PTSD patients, the frequency of the A1 allele was higher (P = 6.12 x 10(-3)) than in the 51 controls. In the 38 PTSD harmful drinkers (>or=60 g alcohol/day), A1(More)
We present two patients with known sarcoidosis who developed neurosarcoidosis manifested by paranoid psychosis and clinical diabetes insipidus with hypernatremia. Both had gadolinium enhanced magnetic resonance imaging which demonstrated leptomeningeal and hypothalamic enhancement. Both had elevated protein and a lymphocytosis in their cerebrospinal fluid,(More)
BACKGROUND Pediatric syncope is common. Cardiac causes are rarely found. We describe and assess a pragmatic approach to these patients first seen by a pediatric cardiologist in the New England region, using Standardized Clinical Assessment and Management Plans (SCAMPs). METHODS AND RESULTS Ambulatory patients aged 7 to 21 years initially seen for syncope(More)
Using [3H]ketanserin, a specific ligand for the 5-HT2 receptor, the amount of specific binding was measured in preparations of post-mortem frontal cortex from subjects diagnosed as suffering from dementia. A highly significant 42% loss of binding was observed which reflected a decrease in receptor density compared to psychiatrically normal controls. This(More)
For the human electrocardiogram, the relationship between QT interval and heart rate was examined in conditions where the heart rate was changed at different rates. The QT interval provides a measure of the ventricular action potential duration. For slow changes of heart rate, elicited by mild exercise, the dependence of QT interval on heart rate obtained(More)
Delayed union of fractures of the trapezoid and body of the hamate are rare and difficult to treat. The fracture fragments may include the neighboring metacarpals with the insertions of the wrist extensors. These two cases occurred after direct blows to the bases of the 2nd and 5th metacarpals, respectively. The extensor carpi radialis longus and extensor(More)
Amyloidosis primarily involving bone is described in a 59-year-old male pateint. Well circumscribed lytic lesions of the skeleton raised the possibility of myelomatosis. The prolonged insidious course of the disease was uncomplicated by hypercalcemia, pathological fracture, or hematologic abnormalities. The clinical course, together with histological(More)
Serum levels of PP12 (somatomedin binding protein), PP14 (beta lactoglobulin homologue), Schwangerschaftsprotein 1 (SP1) and of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) were simultaneously measured in patients being treated for infertility in the 28 days after the LH-surge. PP14 levels were similar in the 14 days after the LH-surge in the patients who conceived(More)
PURPOSE An alternative approach to anal Bowen's disease was investigated. The use of topical 5 percent 5-fluorouracil for large lesions and surgical excision of small lesions were evaluated. METHODS A prospective study was undertaken for anal Bowen's disease in 11 patients over a six-year period. Before therapy all patients underwent anal mapping biopsy(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Chest pain is a complaint for which children are frequently evaluated. Cardiac causes are rarely found despite expenditure of considerable time and resources. We describe validation throughout New England of a clinical guideline for cost-effective evaluation of pediatric patients first seen by a cardiologist for chest pain using a(More)