Lucrecia G. M. Dasso

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In order to establish whether alterations in the GABAergic control of GH secretion occur in male patients with major depression, the GH response to the GABAergic-B agonist baclofen (10 mg PO at 0830h) or to placebo was tested in 9 depressed men and in 10 age- and weight-matched male normal controls. The basal concentrations of GH were significantly lower in(More)
Unidirectional 36Cl- efflux from preloaded isolated brown adipocytes was studied. A norepinephrine-stimulated 36Cl- efflux pathway was found which approximately doubled the rate of 36Cl- efflux from the cells. The response to norepinephrine was fully inhibited by the alpha 1-adrenergic antagonist prazosin, but was unaffected by the beta-adrenergic(More)
Phylogenetic diversity in fish determines high interspecific variability in morphology as well as in physiological parameters. Moreover, several haematological variables and the organ composition of haemolymphopoietic sites may vary according to sex or season. The aim of this study was to establish the haematological parameters and the cellular composition(More)
To evaluate whether the inhibitory control exerted by endogenous dopamine on thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) secretion is altered in patients with major depressive disorder, 11 depressed patients and 9 normal controls were tested with the dopaminergic receptor antagonist domperidone (10 or 20 mg i.v.). The administration of domperidone induced a(More)
In this work the authors studied the effects of lithium on memory and reaction times in 7 manic-depressive patients receiving long-term therapy. The results suggest lithium treatment does not change these intellectual functions to any significant extent, comparing the trials of the experimental sessions during the therapy and after two weeks off lithium.(More)
In an attempt to establish whether, in patients with major depression, dopaminergic receptors are involved in the release of growth hormone (GH) induced by thyrotropin releasing hormone (TRH), eleven subjects were tested with TRH (200 micrograms in an i.v. bolus) with or without concomitant treatment with domperidone (10 mg in an i.v. bolus 10 min before(More)
18 subjects, affected by manic-depressive psychosis, have been studied during lithium therapy, in order to control EEG. changes in relation to erythrocyte lithium concentration. According to data obtained, significant relation subsistes between EEG. changes and erythrocyte lithium concentration.
The effect of lithium during chronic treatment on the EEG. has been studied in 21 subbjects affected by manic-depressive psychosis. The relation between lithiemic values and EEG. modification has been discussed from varius points of view, considering records of what has been observed in the present research and what reported in literature. The mean hematic(More)
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