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A series of new phthalazine derivatives 1-4 containing imidazole rings were prepared. The monoalkylamino substituted derivatives 2 and 4 were more active in vitro against T. cruzi and less toxic(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate the in vitro leishmanicidal activity of imidazole-based (1-4) and pyrazole-based (5-6) benzo[g]phthalazine derivatives against Leishmania infantum and Leishmania braziliensis.(More)
The in vivo trypanosomicidal activity of the imidazole-based benzo[g]phthalazine derivatives 1-4 and of the new related pyrazole-based compounds 5 and 6 has been studied in both the acute and chronic(More)
The synthesis and trypanosomatic behavior of a new series of 1,4-bis(alkylamino)benzo[g]phthalazines 1- 4 containing the biologically significant imidazole ring are reported. In vitro antiparasitic(More)
The synthesis of a new series of 1,4-bis(alkylamino)benzo[g]phthalazines 1-3 is reported, and their ability to form dinuclear complexes with Cu(II) assayed. The geometry of the complexes is dependent(More)
The in vitro leishmanicidal activity of a series of imidazole-containing phthalazine derivatives 1-4 was tested on Leishmania infantum, Leishmania braziliensis and Leishmania donovani parasites, and(More)
The introduction of biological therapies (BT) has improve the management of patients with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA) in terms of relive of symptoms, enhancing the quality of live and(More)