Luckshman Bavan

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Although there is no evidence that imported tuberculosis increases the incidence of the disease in host countries, the rise in migration worldwide raises concerns regarding the adequacy of surveillance and control of immigrant-associated tuberculosis in low incidence countries. Assessing the performance of screening of immigrants for tuberculosis is key to(More)
Glomus tumours are uncommon lesions of the digit. They tend to be solitary. Only a small number of multifocal cases have been published, most of which are linked to an underlying genetic disorder. Here we report an unusual case of multifocal glomus tumours in the same hand in a patient suffering from neurofibromatosis type 1.
Background Shoulder pain secondary to acromioclavicular joint pain is a common presentation in primary and secondary care but is often poorly managed as a result of uncertainty about optimal treatment strategies. Osteoarthritis is the commonest cause. Although acromioclavicular pain can be treated non-operatively and operatively, there appears to be no(More)
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