Lucjan B. Jerzykiewicz

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Increased interest in the emission properties of lanthanide(III) (Eu and Tb) complexes containing ultraviolet and visible sensitizers is being driven by the desire to produce efficient and selective luminescent probes of biological structure. Of special interest are cryptates and other macrocyclic chelating ligands that efficiently encapsulate the(More)
The cocrystals of adenine and metal (II) quinoline-2-carboxylates (M = Mn2+, Fe2+, Co2+) have been obtained by self-assembly. The complexes are composed of adenine ribbons with the AA22 pairing pattern involving both Watson-Crick and Hoogsteen faces in hydrogen bonding and the neutral molecules of carboxylate positioned in inorganic layers. The very compact(More)
We describe here a novel, simple, efficient self-assembly method for the in situ generation of [Mn4Cl4(micro-OCH2CH2OMe)4(EtOH)4] and [Mn4(micro-Cl)Cl3(micro-OCH2CH2OMe)4(HOCH2CH2OMe)3]2 cubane-type compounds which react readily with calcium species to form cluster [Mn4Ca2Cl4(micro-OCH2CH2OMe)8], the calcium atoms attached to the Mn4 unit of flatten out the(More)
A simple and efficient strategy for the synthesis of nonorganometallic heterometallic clusters from cheap organometallic precursors is reported. This unique synthetic method involves elimination of the cyclopentadienyl ring from Cp(2)MCl(2) (M = Ti, Zr, Hf) as CpH in the presence of M'L(2) or M'L'(2) (M' = Ca, Sr, Mn; CH(3)OCH(2)CH(2)OH = LH or(More)
Polylactide conjugates of the muscle contraction agent Pridinolum (PriOH = 1,1-diphenyl-3-(1-piperidinyl)-1-propanol) were prepared directly by ring-opening polymerization of L-lactide (L-LA) mediated by the pridinolum magnesium complex [Mg(μ,η(2)-OPri)(η(1)-OPri)](2). The ancillary O,N - bifunctional drug as a ligand stabilizes the magnesium species and(More)
A simple new route to access heterometallic alkoxo precursors for a wide range of materials is reported. This unique synthetic method comprises elimination of the cyclopentadienyl ring from Cp2MCl2 (M = Ti, Zr) as CpH in the presence of M'(OR)2 (M' = Ca, Mn; OR = OCH2CH2OCH3 or OEt) in an alcohol as a source of protons. In one-pot reactions, we have(More)
Reactions of metallic Ba with benzofuranol (dbbfoH) or diethylene glycol give homoleptic and homonuclear complexes Ba(dbbfo)(2)(dbbfoH)(2).3dbbfoH and Ba{O(CH(2)CH(2)O)(2)}{O(CH(2)CH(2)OH)(2)}(2) (60-89%). Both compounds and formerly described Ba{O(CH(2)CH(2)O)(2)Me}(2) react with Al(CH(3))(3) to yield trinuclear heterobimetallic low-coordinated barium(More)
Reactions of oligomeric "Ca(dbbfo)2" and Ca9(CH3OCH2CH2O)18(CH3OCH2CH2OH)2 with Al(CH3)3 in toluene gave tetranuclear heterobimetallic [Ca(mu-dbbfo){(mu-dbbfo)(mu-CH3)Al(CH3)2}]2 (71%) and polymeric Ca{(mu-CH3OCH2CH2O)(mu-CH3)Al(CH3)2}2 (86%). The latter can be obtained as monomeric THF adduct Ca{(mu-CH3OCH2CH2O)Al(CH3)3}2(THF)2 (78%) when a mixture of(More)
The direct reaction between [VCl(3)(thf)3] or [VO(OEt)3] and 2,2'-thiobis{4-(1,1,3,3-tetramethyl-butyl)phenol (tbopH(2)) leads to the formation of [V(2)(micro-tbop-kappa(3)O,S,O)2Cl(2)(CH(3)CN)(2)] (1).4CH(3)CN or [V(2)(micro-OEt)2(O)2(tbop-kappa(3)O,S,O)2] (2), respectively, in high yield. Compounds 1 and 2 were characterized by chemical and physical(More)
The reaction of [Ti4(OMe)14Cl2] (1) with an excess of AlMe3 gave the cocrystallite [Ti2(mu-OMe)2(mu-Cl)Cl3(thf)3].[Ti2(mu-OMe)3Cl3(thf)3] (2.3) species in a 1:1 ratio. Similar to 2, [Ti2(mu-OEt)2(mu-Cl)Cl3-(thf)3] (4) was obtained in the reaction of an equimolar mixture of TiCl4 and Ti(OEt)4 with Al/AlMe3. The short distance [2.543(1)av A in 2.3 and(More)