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On race and philosophy
On Race and Philosophy is a collection of essays written and published across the last twenty years, which focus on matters of race, philosophy, and social and political life in the West, inExpand
W.E.B. Du Bois on the Study of Social Problems
This close reading and interpretation of Du Bois's "The Study of the Negro Problems" (Du Bois 1898b) focuses on several matters: the historical and biographical contexts within which Du Bois producedExpand
Abstract“Africana Philosophy” is a gathering notion used to cover collectively particular articulations, and traditions of particular articulations, of persons African and African-descended that areExpand
African “Philosophy”: Deconstructive and reconstructive challenges
A forceful debate has been raging in intellectual circles in Africa and Europe over the past forty years (and has now emerged in America) focused by questions ranging from ‘Is there [such a thing as]Expand