Lucius Nicholls

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The symptoms, pathology, course and complications of such deficiency diseases as pellagra, beriberi, and scurvy are well defined, even if the final details of their aetiologies have not been decided. But these are conditions which are familiar to many medical men who work among the indigent classes of the tropics and to which they refer by such indefinite(More)
In 1933 I inspected a large number of prisoners in the jails of Ceylon for signs and symptoms of nutritional deficiencies. The results were reported in this journal (Nicholls, 1933). The conditions which were attributed to vitamin-A deficiency were :?a papular dry skin eruption (phrynoderma), night blindness, dimness of sight, xerophthalmia, keratomalacia,(More)
symptoms to vitamin-A deficiency; they refer to a review by Dr. H. S. Stannus (1930) and to their experiences in Malayan prisons. They suggest that ' sore mouth' and ' neuritis' are due more probably to vitamin-B deficiency. As they refer to the review of Dr. Stannus I conclude they mean principally B2. Since writing the paper I have cut sections of the(More)
Director of the Bacteriological Institute, Ceylon The principal aim in life of the poorer classes of Asia appears to be the production of a family; they multiply to an extent that is only limited by the available food supply; and the spectre of starvation is never far away. Their diets consist of some staple comestible, such as rice, and vegetables; and(More)
Malnutrition may be considered to be due either to disease or to dietary deficiencies. When it is due to the former it may require a long and thorough inspection to find the cause. But the medical inspection of groups of persons such as school children, gangs of labourers constructing railways or other public works, employees in factories, or convicts in(More)
Carr and Price (1926) originally described a jnethod of determining the amount of vitamin A by the use of antimony trichloride. A quantity of the liver, or other organ, to be tested was dried and extracted in a Soxhlet apparatus, and j^test carried out with the extract. This is a tedious procedure when large numbers of tests ^re being done, and Moore (1930)(More)
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