Lucio Verrazzani

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This paper is devoted to developing a scattering model for coherent imaging systems. It describes the statistical properties of the image intensity due to the distribution of scatterers on a subresolution scale. The roughness of the scatterers' strength, the randomness of the spatial architecture, and the birth-death process of the scattering centers are(More)
This work deals with the problem of modeling and estimating the parameters of sonar clicks and whistles emitted by the Mediterranean bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus). Click and whistle signals have been extracted from the real data recorded by the CETUS Research Center ( along the Tuscany coast and have been modeled as(More)
1 — Much interest is growing in advanced interferometric SAR methods for full 3D imaging. Multibaseline SAR tomographic elevation beam forming, i.e. spatial spectral estimation, is a promising technique in this framework. Recently, this concept has been integrated with the differential interferometry concept, producing the advanced differential tomography(More)