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In this paper we consider the Project Scheduling Problem with resource constraints, where the objective is to minimize the project makespan. We present a new 0-1 linear programming formulation of the problem that requires an exponential number of variables, corresponding to all feasible subsets of activities that can be simultaneously executed without(More)
In this paper we address the Sensor Location Problem, that is the location of the minimum number of counting sensors, on the nodes of a network, in order to determine the arc flow volume of all the network. Despite the relevance of the problem from a practical point of view, there are very few contributions in the literature and no combinatorial analysis is(More)
In this work we consider the following hazmat transportation network design problem. A given set of hazmat shipments has to be shipped over a road transportation network in order to transport a given amount of hazardous materials from specific origin points to specific destination points, and we assume there are regional and local government authorities(More)
The problem of optimally locating sensors on a traffic network to monitor flows has been object of growing interest in the past few years, due to its relevance in the field of traffic management and control. Sensors are often located in a network in order to observe and record traffic flows on arcs and/or nodes. Given traffic levels on arcs within range or(More)