Lucio Andreu Giménez

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OBJECTIVE To evaluate and describe the non-justified discrepancies found on reconciling chronic medication prescribed to patients when discharged from hospital. Secondly, the impact of the reconciliation process is evaluated by assessing the seriousness of the discrepancies. DESIGN Cality study. SETTING Short Stay Medical Unit in Elda General Hospital,(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE Hip fracture is a common injury in elder patients who have comorbidities, and it increases the risk of morbimortality. They could benefit from co-management (CM) between orthopaedic surgeons and internists. The objective was to evaluate the effectiveness of this CM. PATIENTS AND METHOD Prospective study of 138 patients over 64(More)
The acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) is a rare but serious complication of miliary tuberculosis with a mortality rate near 100% when associated with pancytopenia. This association has been rarely reported (eleven cases in a Medline search, 1966-1999). A case is here reported of an HIV-negative patient with miliary tuberculosis which presented as(More)
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