Lucinda S Baker

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We used a load-insensitive index of systolic left ventricular (LV) function and an analysis of diastolic pressure-dimension relationships to test the hypothesis that recombinant human (rh) tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF alpha) impairs LV function in dogs. Animals were studied 7-10 d after aseptic implantation of instrumentation to monitor cardiac output,(More)
BACKGROUND High placental vascular resistance is an important cause of fetal growth restriction and subsequent perinatal mortality. Identification of affected pregnancies allows appropriate fetal surveillance and delivery, but there are no known therapeutic strategies to decrease resistance and improve blood flow. However, placental corticotropin-releasing(More)
BACKGROUND Studies investigating the effect of rods on unique hue loci in the peripheral retina generally obtain measures at two time points associated with the dark adaptation function - the cone plateau and the rod plateau. In comparison, this study used a color-naming procedure to identify the loci of unique green and unique yellow as a function of time(More)
  • N Lan, L Baker
  • 2004
Control of reaching task requires a strategy that takes into account biomechanical couplings in the musculoskeletal system. In a kinematic study, normal subjects were asked to reach to, grasp a cup, and bring it back. It was found that forearm rotation was coordinated in a particular manner with elbow motion in order to keep the cup in a leveled(More)
T wenty-five years ago educational services for children with disabilities were frequently fragmented, underfunded, highly segregated, and unreliable. Public schools were often ill prepared and unwilling to provide special and necessary services to children with disabilities. Over the past two decades, efforts to provide an appropriate education for(More)
P ublic concern about homelessness in the United States has increased in recent years. A late 1995 Gallup poll found that 86% of Americans feel sympathy for the homeless, and 33% report that they feel more sympathy now than they did five years ago. According to the same poll, one reason for this apparent increase in sympathy is that 17% of Americans,(More)
H aving fewer children in a class is attractive to both parents and teachers. One recent national poll found that 70% of adults believe that reducing class size would result in big improvements in public schools. 1 Fewer than 10% believed that it would make no improvement at all. A 1997 Education Week survey found that 83% of teachers and 60% of principals(More)
V iolence against children and youths has always occurred, but it has recently been subject to increased public attention. This heightened attention is spawned by high-profile cases of stranger abductions, sexual assault, child abuse, and homicide, and by statistics suggesting an increase in the number of cases of child victimization. For example,(More)
The distribution of immunoreactivity for the neurotrophin receptor tyrosine kinase TrkC was examined in the brain of the adult rhesus monkey. TrkC-like immunoreactivity was widespread and consisted primarily of varicose fibers. The most dense populations of fibers were in the basal forebrain (in the cholinergic cell groups Ch1, Ch2 and Ch4), in the raphé(More)