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The in vitro biological effects of serum GH-binding protein (GHBP) were measured in the mouse 3T3-F442A preadipocyte adipogenesis assay during GH stimulation. Coincubation of increasing concentrations of human (h) GH (0.14-4.5 nM) with 4.2 nM recombinant hGHBP-(1-247) in serum-free medium shifted the hGH dose-response curve to the right over the range(More)
Various studies provide evidence for an interaction between taurine and zinc during development, affecting the morphology and function of the retina. The objectives of the present work were to determine taurine and zinc levels in the retina of goldfish during regeneration and to investigate the effect of the intracellular zinc chelator(More)
The diaphragm of the pituitary intact rat is insensitive to the insulin-like effects of growth hormone unless weanling animals are used, and even then these effects are not achieved reliably. We report here that an intraperitoneal injection of reserpine is able to induce consistent responsiveness to ovine growth horomone (oGH) in hemidiaphragms from 20-27(More)
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