Lucille Blanchot

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We present a new microscopy system for imaging in turbid media that is based on the spatial coherence gate principle and generates in parallel a complete two-dimensional head-on image without scanning. This system has been implemented in a commercial microscope and preserves the lateral resolution of the optics used. With a spatially incoherent source,(More)
Measurement of absorption and reduced-scattering optical coefficients microa and micros' is possible when a steady-state backscattered image is used on a sample surface. A new method for processing the backscattered image, acquired with a CCD, has been developed. The image is integrated to decrease sensitivity to noise. The resulting curve is defined as the(More)
INTRODUCTION The "Jardin de Granville" modern rose variety not only combines the morphological properties of its two parental cultivars, but also possesses better agronomic characteristics (abundant blooms, strong growth and vitality, high resistance to common rose diseases). In addition, it shows remarkable biological properties such as a high ability to(More)
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