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After a genomewide screen in the Hutterites was completed, the IL4RA gene was examined as the 16p-linked susceptibility locus for asthma and atopy. Seven known variants and one novel variant, representing all nonsynonymous substitutions in the mature protein, were examined in the Hutterites; on the basis of studies in the Hutterites, outbred white, black,(More)
BACKGROUND The chitinase-like protein YKL-40 is involved in inflammation and tissue remodeling. We recently showed that serum YKL-40 levels were elevated in patients with asthma and were correlated with severity, thickening of the subepithelial basement membrane, and pulmonary function. We hypothesized that single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) that affect(More)
Atopy is an IgE-mediated condition known to aggregate in families and is a major risk factor for asthma. As part of the Collaborative Study on the Genetics of Asthma (CSGA), a genome-wide scan for atopy, defined by skin sensitivity to one or more common environmental allergens, was conducted in 287 CSGA families (115 African American, 138 Caucasian and 34(More)
The genomewide screen to search for asthma-susceptibility loci, in the Collaborative Study on the Genetics of Asthma (CSGA), has been conducted in two stages and includes 266 families (199 nuclear and 67 extended pedigrees) from three U.S. populations: African American, European American, and Hispanic. Evidence for linkage with the asthma phenotype was(More)
BACKGROUND In the Collaborative Study on the Genetics of Asthma, 314 families with 2584 subjects were characterized for asthma and allergy. OBJECTIVE The purpose of this investigation was to examine clinical heterogeneity observed in asthma and allergic characteristics among 3 ethnic groups (African American, white, and Hispanic family members). METHODS(More)
Variance components models were used to analyze total IgE levels in families ascertained though the Collaborative Study of the Genetics of Asthma (CSGA) using a genome-wide array of polymorphic markers. While IgE levels are known to be associated with clinical asthma and recognized to be under strong genetic control (here the heritability was estimated at(More)
The nucleotide sequences that are important for transcription of the human thymidylate synthase gene were analyzed by deletion and site-directed mutagenesis of the promoter region. Deletion analyses from the 5' and 3' ends indicated the presence of multiple positive and negative elements. The promoter had approximately the same strength in the normal or(More)
Asthma affects nearly 14 million people worldwide and has been steadily increasing in frequency for the past 50 years. Although environmental factors clearly influence the onset, progression, and severity of this disease, family and twin studies indicate that genetic variation also influences susceptibility. Linkage of asthma and related phenotypes to(More)
Normal M-mode echocardiography values were determined using computer-assisted measurements of echocardiograms (ECHO) in 202 children and young adults 25 days to 23 years of age: 77 were female, and 125 were male and, reflecting the population served by our Center, 99 were black and 103 were white children. The values for left and right heart wall(More)
Our objective was to study the effect of tobramycin solution for inhalation (TSI; TOBI, Chiron Corp.) on lung function decline rate in 400 young persons with cystic fibrosis (CF) and mild lung disease. Effects on hospitalization, antibiotic use, school days missed, and nutritional status also were determined. This was an open-label, randomized (stratified(More)