Lucilla Levi

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Patients with intermittent exotropia (strabismus) can either fixate normally or allow one eye to deviate outward by as much as 60 degrees. Two such patients (D.N. and K.C.) were studied and it was found that during eye deviation, binocular correspondence is maintained by completely 'remapping' egocentric space for the deviating eye alone using extraretinal(More)
A novel consecutive three-component synthesis of 3-(hetero)aryl-1H-pyrazoles via room temperature Sonogashira arylation of propynal diethylacetal used as a propargyl aldehyde synthetic equivalent has been disclosed. The final acetal cleavage-cyclocondensation with hydrazine hydrochloride at 80 °C rapidly furnishes the title compounds in a one-pot fashion.
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