Lucila Rudge

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The purpose of this study was to validate and extend the findings of an exhaustive literature search in Year 1 and a meta-analysis in Year 2 of a 3-year project in which nine (9) small-group discussion approaches were identified. Having identified parameters of discussion that were, to a greater or lesser extent, present in these nine discussion approaches,(More)
Reflex mechanisms regulating gastric motor function were studied in four conscious dogs, whose stomachs had been surgically divided into separate corporal and antral pouches. Interactions between the corpus and antrum were investigated in fasted animals by balloon distension of each region. During the quiescent phase (phase I) of the migrating motor complex(More)
This study characterizes the role of extrinsic nerves in the co-ordination of corporal and antral contractions in the dog. Fasting motor activity was recorded in conscious dogs with stomachs previously divided into separate corporal and antral pouches. Both corpus and antrum showed synchronized phases of activity and quiescence recognizable as migrating(More)
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