Lucila Patino-Studencki

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In a pseudolites based real-time locating system, autoregressive (AR) techniques are applied to model the stochastic behavior of the pseudolite clocks errors. A stable model to predict the clock deviations is obtained from the AR parameters of a process smoothed by a Kalman filter. A performance comparison of the proposed scheme with an approach based on a(More)
An inexpensive, flexible and precise pseudolite positioning system, developed at Fraunhofer lIS is presented. For this pseudolite system a real-time kinematic (RTK) method similar to the one employed in GNSS is applied. Because of the use of free-running clocks in the pseudolites and the characteristics of the signal, the application of RTK to the(More)
A derivation of phase smoothing for a pseudolite system is given. The distinction to phase smoothing known from literature arises from the setup of the system. As of the employed free-running pseudolites, the main challenge is to properly estimate the pseudolite clocks. The better the pseudolite clocks are estimated, the more precise are the phase(More)
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