Lucila Ishitani

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The conflict between Web service personalization and privacy is a challenge in the information society. In this paper we address this challenge by introducing MASKS, an architecture that provides data on the users' interests to Web services, without violating their privacy. The proposed approach hides the actual identity of users by classifying them into(More)
M ost Web users realize that sites are collecting information about them, though few realize how much data is gathered or how that gathering occurs. Although some companies publish privacy policies to inform users about their practices, most policy statements are full of technical and legal jargon and are difficult to understand. Further, the Pew Internet &(More)
This work aims to present strategies for implementation of a prototype of a sufficient platform for building of Interactive Services Provider (PSI), which can store, analyze and generate reports based on information derived from the interaction of TV viewers with applications in Digital Interactive Television, characterized by the use of a back channel. In(More)
The current paper assessed the emotional experience of older adults while playing digital games on smartphones. A group of 39 people, aged 60 and above, were chosen in order to test the game "Viajando pelo Mundo", which consists of four minigames: "Memória", "Cinco Erros", Adivinhe" and "Quebra Cuca". The positive and negative feelings of the older(More)