Lucienne Clavel

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GALEN has developed a new generation of terminology tools based on a language independent concept reference model using a compositional formalism allowing computer processing and multiple reuses. During the 4th framework program project Galen-In-Use we applied the modelling and the tools to the development of a new multipurpose coding system for surgical(More)
Following a request from the local health authority, we have organised the permanent linkage of DRG/MBDS databases from different tertiary care hospitals from Saint-Etienne urban area. To made anonymous the MBDS, we used the asymmetric hashing and encrypting software developed and registered by the University hospital of Dijon. In each hospital, the(More)
The CCAM French coding system of clinical procedures was developed between 1994 and 2004 using, in parallel, a traditional domain expert's consensus method on one hand, and advanced methodologies of ontology driven semantic representation and multilingual generation on the other hand. These advanced methodologies were applied under the framework of an(More)
A new French coding system of clinical procedures, the Classification Commune Des Actes Medicaux (CCAM), has been developed at the turn of the millennium (between 1996 and 2001). Two methodologies were used: a traditional domain-experts consensus method, and an artificial-intelligence-based semantic representation. An economic evaluation of clinical(More)
In a previous work we proposed a categorial structure for the representation of adverse drug reactions consisting of 16 semantic categories and 20 relations. We present an implementation of this categorial structure in Protégé based on four WHO-ART system organ classes: Gastro-intestinal system disorders, Liver and biliary system disorders, Central &(More)
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