Luciene Chagas de Oliveira

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—Frequently, Augmented Reality (AR) applications using fiducial markers to register virtual objects in the real world. This paper presents a new method for registration and recognition of natural markers, which are images of the real world, using artificial neural networks for applications of AR. Furthermore, an application was developed for case study(More)
The interpretation and understanding of large quantities of data is a challenge for current information visualization methods. The visualization of information is important as it makes the appropriate acquisition of the information through the visualization possible. The choice of the most appropriate information visualization method before commencing with(More)
The Augmented Reality (AR) can be a great tool in education. Currently, many of the students along the way lose the essence and importance is the study and pursuit of knowledge. It is therefore necessary to seek something different, something that is truly innovative to encourage them to study more. Given this, there is the idea of building interactive(More)
Physical disability is an obstacle to those who suffer with such, as it deprives the individual from participating in routine activities, without relying on the help of others. Although the difficulties faced are of a wide range, one in particular stands out: navigation in internal environments (indoors). In this context, the main motivation of this(More)
Initially, it is known that education is crucial for human development. Therefore, researchers are increasingly seeking more advanced technological innovations in order to improve the quality of teaching and learning of the population. Thus, the application of Augmented Reality (AR) in education has been evaluated intensively in recent years and been(More)
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