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Enrichment and activity of methanotrophic microorganisms from municipal wastewater sludge
In this study, methanotrophic microorganisms were enriched from a municipal wastewater sludge taken from an Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket reactor. The enrichment was performed in a sequencing batchExpand
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Illumina sequencing-based analysis of a microbial community enriched under anaerobic methane oxidation condition coupled to denitrification revealed coexistence of aerobic and anaerobic methanotrophs
Methane is produced in anaerobic environments, such as reactors used to treat wastewaters, and can be consumed by methanotrophs. The composition and structure of a microbial community enriched fromExpand
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Principal component analysis as a criterion for monitoring variable organic load of swine wastewater in integrated biological reactors UASB, SABF and HSSF-CW.
The multivariate analysis to optimize the parameters of wastewater is essential to reduce costs. The aim of this study was to evaluate the use of multivariate and conventional analysis in biologicalExpand
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Evaluation of nitrogen removal and the microbial community in a submerged aerated biological filter (SABF), secondary decanters (SD), and horizontal subsurface flow constructed wetlands (HSSF-CW) for
To ensure microbial activity and a reaction equilibrium with efficiency and energy saving, it is important to know the factors that influence microbiological nitrogen removal in wastewater. Thus, itExpand
Quantification, removal and potential ecological risk of emerging contaminants in different organic loads of swine wastewater treated by integrated biological reactors.
This study aims to evaluate the dynamics and their ecological risks for aquatic species of lipid regulator, nervous stimulant, anti-inflammatory and endocrine disrupters in an upflow anaerobic sludgeExpand
Nitrogen and Phosphorus Removal Associated with Changes in Organic Loads from Biological Reactors Monitored by Multivariate Criteria
The study aimed to evaluate the techniques of main principal components analysis (PCA) and hierarchical cluster analysis (HCA) as a criterion to monitor the removal of nitrogen forms and phosphorusExpand
Enriquecimento de microrganismos metanotróficos a partir de lodo de reator UASB tratando esgotos domésticos
In this study, methanotrophic microorganisms were enriched from sludge derived from a UASB reactor treating domestic sewage. The enrichment was performed in a sequencing batch reactor (RBS) with anExpand
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