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This paper presents a design approach intended for the modeling and synthesis of discrete-event modules of hybrid controllers by combining a model of computation and a soft computing synthesis approach. The model of computation is based on coloured Petri nets (CPNs) and the soft computing method uses fuzzy logic. The design approach converts Petri net(More)
This paper presents a preliminary study of an approach that models programmable logic controllers (PLCs) for their effective deployment in industrial control processes. A working model is developed for automatic allocation of PLCs and also a formal verification of Ladder Diagram representations of control processes using the Symbolic Model Verifier (SMV)(More)
The actual idea of a telephony structure shows a Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX) directly controlling a whole communication system. Ringing and caller identification signals, voltage setting for the phone sets among other important parameters all are transmitted using twisted pair cables that have to be installed and distributed along the building.(More)
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