Lucien Israël

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To elucidate the association between stressful life events and the development of cancer the influence of life stress on relapse in operable breast cancer was examined in matched pairs of women in a case-control study. Adverse life events and difficulties occurring during the postoperative disease free interval were recorded in 50 women who had developed(More)
This article reviews the results obtained from treating over 800 cancer patients withCorynebacterium parvum in various clinical situations. No fatalities or severe complications occurred.C. parvum is a very safe agent, although it may induce temporary fever and chills, especially when given by the intravenous route. Its use as a single agent has induced(More)
As evaluation of patients functioning has become the key-stone of geriatric practice, the appropriated choice of a measuring instrument is of great importance. This article reviews rules and guidelines for a general approach to the orientation of this choice as well as the criteria of reliability of the chosen instrument. Starting from the principle that(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess the combination of drug and cognitive therapy on age-associated memory impairment (AAMI). PATIENTS AND METHODS A double-blind randomized trial was performed involving 162 patients with age-associated memory impairment selected and followed by their general practitioners. Two intervention methods-a drug and a cognitive therapy-were(More)
The life expectancy, at the age of 75 years, is nowadays 11 years for men and 13.5 for women, and is still increasing. Two aspects are here discussed; (i) the role of independent elderly people bringing to the younger generations financial support, experience, rules of social behaviour and memory, and (ii) the specific needs of solidarity that society and(More)
A series of 43 patients (median age 57 years, range 39–73) underwent biopsy of the thymic area during resection for primary lung cancer (16 with negative nodes and 27 with positive nodes). In 22 cases in which study of lymphocyte subpopulations was possible T6 precursor thymocytes were found (mean 57%). T4 and T8 cells were present in proportions of 53% and(More)