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The Alpha AXP family of processors provided a dramatic increase in CPU speed. Even with slower processors, many database applications were dominated by relatively slow I/O rates. To maintain a balanced system, database software must incorporate techniques that specifically address the disparity between CPU speed and I/O performance. The DEC Rdb version 6.0(More)
In 1936, J.A. Todd and H.S.M. Coxeter published a paper in which they described a technique for enumerating the cosets of a finite group given only the defining relations for the group and the generators of the subgroup written in terms of the generators of the group. This process has an interesting interpretation in terms of directed graphs. The technique(More)
The antihypertensive and haemodynamic effects of labetalol were compared with those of prazosin both at rest and during bicycle exercise in 38 moderate to moderately severe hypertensive patients (supine DBP 95 to 119 mmHg when untreated). Following a two week open placebo phase to establish baseline BP and baseline exercise performance, patients were(More)
In programming a software package for group theoretic calculations one is faced with a number of problems including: 1 the size of the package, 2 the size of the problems to be run in terms of execution time and storage requirements, 3 the need for large dynamic data structures, 4 the desire to produce a portable package. Although the use of one of the(More)
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