Lucie Sengmanivong

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Small GTPase Rabs are required for membrane protein sorting/delivery to precise membrane domains. Rab13 regulates epithelial tight junction assembly and polarized membrane transport. Here we report that Molecule Interacting with CasL (MICAL)-like1 (MICAL-L1) interacts with GTP-Rab13 and shares a similar domain organization with MICAL. MICAL-L1 has a(More)
Nuclear pore complexes (NPCs) correspond to large protein transport complexes responsible for selective nucleocytoplasmic exchange. Although research has revealed much about the molecular architecture and roles of the NPC subcomplexes, little is known about the regulation of NPC functions by posttranslational modifications. We used a systematic approach to(More)
Structured illumination microscopy is a recent imaging technique that aims at going beyond the classical optical resolution limits by reconstructing a high-resolution image from several low-resolution images acquired through modulation of the transfer function of the microscope. A precise knowledge of the sinusoidal modulation parameters is necessary to(More)
B-cell receptor (BCR) engagement with surface-tethered antigens leads to the formation of an immune synapse, which facilitates antigen uptake for presentation to T-lymphocytes. Antigen internalization and processing rely on the early dynein-dependent transport of BCR-antigen microclusters to the synapse center, as well as on the later polarization of the(More)
  • Facultad De Ciencia, María Parra, José, Roberto Rodriguez, Lohengrin Cavieres, Laureana Muñoz-Tapia +62 others
  • 2015
Duménil. (2015) Polarity protein Par3 controls B cell receptor dynamics and antigen extraction at the immune synapse. Molecular biology of the cell. (2015) Dopamine receptors D3 and D5 regulate CD4 + T-cell activation and differentiation by modulating ERK activation and cAMP production. (2015) In vivo relationship between pelvis motion and deep fascia(More)
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