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Maximal hyperemia is a critical prerequisite for correct fractional flow reserve (FFR) measurements. Continuous administration of adenosine by femoral venous access is considered the gold-standard. However, antecubital venous access is used as an alternative route of administration due to the increasing popularity of radial versus femoral access for(More)
A patient developed after an occupational trauma with fall on the ulnar edge of his right hand pain and swelling in the ulnar area with reduced sensation in the fourth and fifth finger. After examination performed by a neurologist, ulnar nerve-entrapment was diagnosed and operative treatment was indicated. The release of the ulnar tunnel showed a traumatic(More)
Postoperative infection in the locomotor system may lead to malpractice suits. The aim of the study was to determine the success rate of these claims and the type of expert-confirmed medical negligence so that strategies for avoiding such negligence can be offered. A total of 261 degrees concerning suspected malpractice after postoperative infection in the(More)
Tenolysis of flexor tendons was performed in 48 fingers of 36 patients. After a mean follow-up to ten months, the total active movement (TAM) was improved from 79 degrees preoperative to 189 degrees postoperative in 84% of the fingers with a minimal improvement of 40 degrees. Following the classification of Buck-Gramcko, 80% (38) of the fingers showed an(More)