Lucie Galand

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This paper is devoted to the proportional representation (PR) problem when the preferences are clustered single-peaked. PR is a “multi-winner” election problem, that we study in Chamberlin and Courant’s scheme [6]. We define clustered single-peakedness as a form of single-peakedness with respect to clusters of candidates, i.e. subsets of candidates that are(More)
4513 Background: CCI-779 is an mTOR kinase inhibitor with activity in renal cell carcinoma (RCC, Atkins et al. J Clin Oncol, in press). A preliminary report of this phase 1/2 study of CCI-779 and interferon-α (IFN) in patients (pts) with advanced RCC described the safety and antitumor effects of the combination (Dutcher et al. Proc ASCO 22:213, 2003). We(More)
This paper is devoted to the search for Choquet-optimal solutions in multicriteria combinatorial optimization with application to spanning tree problems and knapsack problems. After recalling basic notions concerning the use of Choquet integrals for preference aggregation, we present a condition (named preference for interior points) that characterizes(More)
This paper is devoted to the determination of wellbalanced solutions in search problems involving multiple cost functions. After indicating various contexts in which the ordered weighted averaging operator (with decreasing weights) is natural to express the preferences between solutions, we propose a search algorithm to determine the OWA-optimal solution.(More)
This paper is devoted to the search of Choquet-optimal solutions in finite graph problems with multiple objectives. The Choquet integral is one of the most sophisticated preference models used in decision theory for aggregating preferences on multiple objectives. We first present a condition on preferences (name hereafter preference for interior points)(More)
This paper is devoted to complexity results regarding specific measures of proximity to singlepeakedness and single-crossingness, called “singlepeaked width” [Cornaz et al., 2012] and “singlecrossing width”. Thanks to the use of the PQ-tree data structure [Booth and Lueker, 1976], we show that both problems are polynomial time solvable in the general case(More)
The aim of this paper is to introduce and solve new search problems in multiobjective state space graphs. Although most of the studies concentrate on the determination of the entire set of Pareto optimal solution paths, the size of which can be, in worst case, exponential in the number of nodes, we consider here more specialized problems where the search is(More)
This paper deals with the multiobjective version of the optimal spanning tree problem. More precisely, we are interested in determining the optimal spanning tree according to an Ordered Weighted Average (OWA) of its objective values. We first show that the problem is weakly NP-hard. We then propose different mixed integer programming formulations, according(More)
Multiobjective Dynamic Programming (MODP) is a general problem solving method used to determine the set of Pareto-optimal solutions in optimization problems involving discrete decision variables and multiple objectives. It applies to combinatorial problems in which Pareto-optimality of a solution extends to all its sub-solutions (Bellman principle). In this(More)