Lucie Crépy

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The study aims to validate an original bio-based material, obtained by grafting fatty chains, and more especially lauric chains (C12) onto cellulose, for medical applications. The mechanical properties of the synthesized cellulose laurate (C12) are close to those of petrochemical ones such as low density polyethylene. This cellulose-based polymer is(More)
Alternative films: The effect of the chain length and the degree of substitution on the mechanical and hydrophobic properties of various cellulose fatty ester plastic films was studied. The results suggest that the cellulose ester plastic films are promising alternatives to petrochemical commodity plastics such as polyethylene.Cellulose-based plastic films(More)
High yields of viable protoplasts were obtained by enzymatic treatment from cotyledonary leaves of various greenhouse grown Phaseolus vulgaris L. cultivars. The protoplasts divided and formed cell clusters in a liquid medium. Early transfer before 10 days in the same medium was necessary for the development of cell colonies. When transferred to solid(More)
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