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In August, 1993, 13 dialysis patients at one dialysis centre in Colombia, South America, were found to be HIV positive, and this prompted an epidemiological investigation. We carried out a cohort study of all dialysis centre patients during January, 1992 to December, 1993 (epidemic period) to determine risk factors for HIV seroconversion. Haemodialysis and(More)
An epidemiologic investigation was done after 3 patients contracted Ochrobactrum anthropi meningitis at one hospital in October 1994. Neurosurgical patients with pericardial tissue implants were at greater risk of infection than other neurosurgical patients (3/14 vs. 0/566; P<.001). Cultures of implants removed from 2 case-patients, an implant at(More)
Understanding the pressures that lead to a high risk of species extinction is crucial for stemming biodiversity loss (see S. L. Maxwell et al. Nature 536, 143–145; 2016). Yet the large number of species that remain classified as data deficient can introduce considerable uncertainty in identifying these drivers. Data-deficient species represent 1 in 6(More)
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