Luciano da Fontoura Costa

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The distance transform (DT) is a general operator forming the basis of many methods in computer vision and geometry, with great potential for practical applications. However, all the optimal algorithms for the computation of the exact Euclidean DT (EDT) were proposed only since the 1990s. In this work, state-of-the-art sequential 2D EDT algorithms are(More)
Automatic summarization of texts is now crucial for several information retrieval tasks owing to the huge amount of information available in digital media, which has increased the demand for simple, language-independent extractive summariza-tion strategies. In this paper, we employ concepts and metrics of complex networks to select sentences for an(More)
This article reports on the application of the recently introduced concept of multiscale fractal dimension (MFD) as a resource for quantifying three-dimensional gene expression patterns in embryonic development. While traditional fractal dimensions provide interesting possibilities for quantifying pattern complexity, as defined by the intensity in which the(More)
Although neuronal dynamics is to a high extent a function of synapse strength, the spatial distribution of neurons is also known to play an important role, which is evidenced by the topographical organization of the main stations of the visual system: retina, lateral geniculate nucleus, and cortex. The coexisting systems of normally placed and displaced(More)
Many features from texts and languages can now be inferred from statistical analyses using concepts from complex networks and dynamical systems. In this paper we quantify how topological properties of word co-occurrence networks and intermittency (or burstiness) in word distribution depend on the style of authors. Our database contains 40 books from 8(More)
Complex networks have been characterised by their specific connectivity patterns (network motifs), but their building blocks can also be identified and described by node-motifs-a combination of local network features. One technique to identify single node-motifs has been presented by Costa et al. (L. D. F. Costa, F. A. Rodrigues, C. C. Hilgetag, and M.(More)
Online music databases have increased signicantly as a consequence of the rapid growth of the Internet and digital audio, requiring the development of faster and more efficient tools for music content analysis. Musical genres are widely used to organize music collections. In this paper, the problem of automatic music genre classification is addressed by(More)
This paper presents two shape descriptors, multiscale fractal dimension and contour saliences, using a graph-based approach— the image foresting transform. It introduces a robust approach to locate contour saliences from the relation between contour and skeleton. The contour salience descriptor consists of a vector, with salience location and value along(More)