Luciano Vieira Koenigkan

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Functional-structural modeling and high-throughput pheno-mics demand tools for 3D measurements of plants. In this work, structure from motion is employed to estimate the position of a hand-held camera, moving around plants, and to recover a sparse 3D point cloud sampling the plants' surfaces. Multiple-view stereo is employed to extend the sparse model to a(More)
This paper presents a new methodology for studying thermal behavior of grain storage bins through the use of intelligent instrumentation combined with an advanced three-dimensional (3D) interface model using computer graphic techniques, which is useful for increasing the safety margin of storage processes with consequent loss decrease. Result was obtained(More)
This poster describes a technique for reconstructing tomographic images generated by a minitomograph scanner for soil science developed by Embrapa Agricultural Instrumentation using a parallel DSP architecture with an HEPC2E board from Hunt Engineering with two TMS320C40 processors from Texas Instruments. The software designed for visualization of bi-and(More)
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