Luciano R. de Almeida

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BACKGROUND Mustard IgE-mediated allergy is supposed to be a rare cause of food allergy, and its clinical features and cross-reactivities have not been fully elucidated. METHODS A prospective study was carried out, recruiting mustard allergic patients, and paired control subjects. A clinical questionnaire was administered, and skin-prick tests (SPT) with(More)
We conducted a prospective, observational, laboratory-based study on candidemia to investigate the incidence of candidemia, species distribution and clinical conditions between September 2003 and March 2004 in a private tertiary hospital in Recife, northeastern Brazil. Cases of candidemia were defined as occurrences of isolation of Candida spp from blood(More)
Candida is an opportunistic pathogen that affects high-risk patients who are either immunocompromised or critically ill and is associated with almost 80% of all nosocomial fungal infections, representing the major cause of fungemia with high mortality rates (40%). Candida albicans is the main cause of candidemia and among the non-albicans species C.(More)
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