Luciano Pavan Rossi

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INTRODUCTION Proprioceptive exercises are performed on a daily basis in physiotherapy with the use of different unstable platforms in order to improve joint stability using the mechanical and sensory properties of ligaments, joint capsule and integrated activity of the muscles surrounding the joint. Changes in the myoelectrical characteristics of the(More)
OBJECTIVES The proposal of the present study is based on mobilizing the nervous system of the upper hemiplegic limb of stroke victims using the Upper Limb Neurodynamic Test (ULNT 1) and electromyographic analysis of the biceps brachii muscle. METHODS A pre-experimental study was carried out with pretest and posttest repeated measurements on five stroke(More)
The objectives of this study were to evaluate the effect of inpatient case management (CM) on a general medical service and to determine if a prediction rule, identifying patients likely to need discharge planning services, could define a subset of patients for whom CM would be most effective. We hypothesized that CM would have greatest impact on patients(More)
BACKGROUND Goniometers are commonly used to measure range of motion in the musculoskeletal system. Recently smartphone goniometry applications have become available to clinicians. OBJECTIVE Compare angular measures using a universal goniometer and a smartphone application. METHODS Thirty four healthy women with at least 20° of limited range of motion(More)
Electromyography enables registering muscle activity during contraction and can identify muscle fatigue. In the present study, 30 volunteers between 18 and 30 years of age were submitted to an exertion 1 min of maximal voluntary isometric contraction. The electromyographic signal of the biceps brachii muscle and the strength of the flexor muscles of the(More)
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