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In this paper we present JINX, a fully distributed virtual environments browser, which has a special support for commodity computer clusters and immersive visualization devices. The presented mechanism intends to be fast and easy to use to develop virtual reality applications based on the X3D format, enabling great flexibility for displays and interaction(More)
Environ plays an important part in a collaborative problem-solving environment tailored to assist the control and execution of large, complex petroleum engineering projects. To aid collaboration, Environ provides a scripting layer for executing commands (locally and remotely) and resources such as annotation of engineering artifacts and synchronized(More)
This paper introduces a dynamic work balancing algorithm, based on work stealing, for time-constrained parallel octree carving. The performance of the algorithm is proved and confirmed by experimental results where the algorithm is applied to a real-time 3D modeling from multiple video streams. Compared to classical work stealing, the proposed algorithm(More)
Hang-gliding is a very enjoyable sport, provided in many tourist places. But many people are still afraid to fly in such system or unable to travel to Rio de Janeiro. Using virtual reality we developed a virtual tour over Rio de Janeiro. In this system the user can see the city and its beautiful sights from a different perspective providing a safe and fun(More)
The X3D standard is open, supported by an international consortium, mature and in constant development, but with a low adoption rate. In this work, X3D qualities and problems are discussed and correlated with other solutions. In this process it was detected some necessities in current applications and the complexity of X3D to deal with these issues. As an(More)
This tutorial will present how to design, construct and manage immersive multi-projection environments, covering from projection technologies to computer hardware and software integration. Topics as tracking, multimodal interactions and audio are going to be explored. At the end, we are going to present important design decisions from real cases.