Luciano Nicolas Naka

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Suture zones represent natural forums in which to examine the role of geography and ecology in the speciation process. Here, we conduct a comparative analysis designed to investigate the location of avian phylogeographic breaks and contact zones in the Guiana Shield, northern Amazonia. We use distributional and genetic data from 78 pairs of avian taxa to(More)
Aim We analysed presence/absence data for understorey bird species in rain forest fragments sampled from 1979 through 2001. Here we consider extinctions between 1992, when most fragments had been isolated for at least 8 years, and 2001. Our objectives were to determine whether high extinction rates documented soon after isolation continued through up to 20(More)
South America holds 30% of the world's avifauna, with the Atlantic Forest representing one of the richest region of the Neotropics. Here we compiled a dataset on Brazilian Atlantic Forest bird occurrence (150,423) and abundance samples (N=832 bird species; 33,119) using multiple methods, including qualitative surveys, mist-nets, point counts, and line(More)
The analysis of intra-specific geographical variation is central to the study of the evolutionary and speciation processes, providing insights into the mechanisms leading to current diversity patterns. In the last decades, analyses of within-species variation moved its focus from phenotypic traits to the analysis of variation in genetic markers. Modern(More)
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