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Myelolipoma of the adrenal gland is a benign, endocrinologically inactive neoplasm composed of mature adipose tissue and a variable amount of hematopoietic elements. Rarely giant adrenal myelolipomas have been reported in literature and they are very unusual clinical entities. We describe a case in a 72 year-old woman observed at our Department of Urology(More)
From January 1985 till June 1989, 222 patients with ureteral stones, underwent ESWL treatment. 109 patients were treated with the original Dornier HM3 under general or epidural anaesthesia and 113 patients were treated with the modified Dornier HM3 under anglosedation. 156 stones were in the upper ureter, 15 in the middle ureter, 51 in the lower ureter. We(More)
The human aortic valve, in cases of disease, can be substituted with a stentless biological prosthesis that is made of both porcine aortic root and leaflets. In particular, the aortic root plays a very important part in the opening mechanics of the valve. Therefore, to understand the behaviour of the prosthesis, a knowledge of the mechanical characteristics(More)
In southern Europe, the Mediterranean climate offers a unique opportunity for the production of high quality wheats, which are lacking in the European Economic Union. It is also responsible for the remarkable variability in both wheat yield and quality from year to year and from location to location. In this paper, the effects (in recent years) of the(More)
A dermoid cyst is a particular form of a cystic teratoma. In the testis, it is very rare, with only a few cases reported in world literature. A 19-year-old patient come to our attention with a 7-year history of an intratesticular cystic mass. Sonography showed a large hypoechoic solid mass. The tumour markers alpha-fetoprotein, beta-human chorionic(More)
Correlation functions play an important role for the theoretical and experimental characterization of many-body systems. In solid-state systems, they are usually determined through scattering experiments whereas in cold-gases systems, time-of-flight and insitu absorption imaging are the standard observation techniques. However, none of these methods allow(More)
An HPLC method with two derivatizations, the first with o-phthaldehyde in order to eliminate interferences due to some primary amino acids eluting with retention times similar to those of hydroxyproline and the second with dabsyl chloride, was developed and evaluated. Calibration graph linearity, influence of agitation and temperature on the preparation of(More)
Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy is a well established procedure for the treatment of the renal and ureteral calculi. The technical innovations of the low-pressure generator with a modified ellipsoid installed into the Dornier HM3 lithotripter leads to decrease the pressure in the second focus F2 lowering the painful sensation linked to the treatment(More)
Bladder tumors T1G3 are aggressive and difficult for their staging. Out of 176 p. with tumor pT1, 16 (9%) presented pT1G3. Among the latter 4 were submitted to TUR and chemioimmunotherapy; 5 to surgical partial resection and radiotherapy; 7 to radical cystectomy. After a mean interval of 21.6 months free of relapse, 5 p. had recurrent T1 tumor below G3: 1(More)
INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVES Around thirty years of age, we assist to a physiological, progressive and slow involution of the testicular function accompanied by a fall of the plasmatic levels of testosterone. Rarely hypogonadism is manifest in so young age with signs and symptoms, unless it is subsequent to severe events. After 50 years of age, it can(More)