Luciano M. Chiaverano

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The box jellyfish Alatina moseri forms monthly aggregations at Waikiki Beach 8-12 days after each full moon, posing a recurrent hazard to swimmers due to painful stings. We present an analysis of long-term (14 years: Jan 1998- Dec 2011) changes in box jellyfish abundance at Waikiki Beach. We tested the relationship of beach counts to climate and(More)
The stinging hydromedusa Olindias sambaquiensis (Limnomedusae, Olindiidae) was examined monthly over a 24-month period in Blanca Bay (Buenos Aires, Argentina) in order to determine the relationship between gonad development and overall growth patterns of medusae. Olindias sambaquiensis occurred seasonally from November (spring) to late April (fall). Medusae(More)
For individuals living in environmentally heterogeneous environments, a key component for adaptation and persistence is the extent of phenotypic differentiation in response to local environmental conditions. In order to determine the extent of environmentally induced morphological variation in a natural population distributed along environmental gradients,(More)
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