Luciano Brambilla

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The OmpW family consists of a ubiquitous group of small outer membrane (OM) β-barrel proteins of Gram-negative bacteria with proposed roles in environmental adaptation but poorly understood mechanisms of expression. We report here that Escherichia coli K-12 OmpW contents are drastically modified by temperature changes compatible with the leap from the(More)
The number and type of outer membrane (OM) channels responsible for carbapenem uptake in Acinetobacter are still not well defined. Here, we addressed these questions by using Acinetobacter baylyi as a model species and a combination of methodologies aimed to characterize OM channels in their original membrane environment. Kinetic and competition analyses of(More)
Metallo-β-lactamases (MBLs) are Zn(2+)-containing secretory enzymes of clinical relevance, whose final folding and metal ion assembly steps in Gram-negative bacteria occur after secretion of the apo form to the periplasmic space. In the search of periplasmic factors assisting MBL biogenesis, we found that dacD null (ΔdacD) mutants of Salmonella enterica and(More)
We report here the draft genome sequence of an NDM-1-producing Acinetobacter bereziniae clinical strain, HPC229. This strain harbors both plasmid and chromosomal resistance determinants toward different β-lactams and aminoglycosides as well as several types of multidrug efflux pumps, most likely representing an adaptation strategy for survival under(More)
The synthesis of isochroman derivatives 4–9 from α-hydroxylactone 3 is reported. These heterocycles, carrying different substituents on C-3, C-4, and C-8, exhibited different degrees of inhibition of the vegetative growth of wheat (Triticum aestivum cv Klein Escorpion) plants, whereas plant developmental patterns such as their protein profile,(More)
The complete sequence of the carbapenem-resistance-conferring conjugative plasmid pLD209 from a Pseudomonas putida clinical strain is presented. pLD209 is formed by 3 well-defined regions: an adaptability module encompassing a Tn402-like class 1 integron of clinical origin containing blaVIM-2 and aacA4 gene cassettes, partitioning and transfer modules, and(More)
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