Luciane Neves Canha

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The increasing market penetration of intermittent renewable resources – as a solution to green power energy production has been resulting in the development of several types of storage technologies, such as: PHS, CAES, Flywheel, and supercapacitors. However, the constant development of different types of batteries both conventional and by flow turns this(More)
The implementation of Smart Grids demands two-way communication mechanisms between the several network devices and the SCADA systems. This communication converges to use of IP based networks, which brings gains due to the wide use of this type of network. However, also brings the security concerns inherent the communications networks. In function on the(More)
The brazilian electric power generation system is based on large hydroelectric plants, which are located far from consumers, being connected to these by transmission lines. In recent years it has had an incentive for the use of renewable sources of electricity, aiming at diversification of energy sources and reduction of environmental impacts caused by(More)
It is evident the increasing of the connections of new elements on Electric Power System (EPS), like Distributed Generation (DG), devices for Energy Storage, Prosumers and Smart Meters. In that way, the conventional distribution systems are transformed in Advanced Distribution Management Systems (ADMS). Consequently occurs an increasing in the complexity of(More)
The implementation of a Smart Grid demands a network of two-way communication for interaction between the several devices in the system and the management systems. However, communication between the active devices in the system is a big challenge. In addition to providing communication between a large numbers of devices, it is necessary ensure the security(More)
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