Luciana de Cássia Silva do Nascimento

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The nematode parasites of Rhinella marina include species of the genus Rhabdias (Rhabdiasidae: Rhabditoidea). The present study describes Rhabdias paraensis sp. nov., which parasitizes the lungs of R. marina in Brazilian Amazonia. Of the more than 70 known species of this genus, 18 are parasites of bufonids, of which, eight are Neotropical. The new species(More)
Nematodes of the genus Rhabdias Stiles & Hassall, 1905 (Rhabditoidea: Rhabdiasidae) have a dioecious free-living stage and a hermaphroditic stage that parasitises the lungs of amphibians and reptiles. Approximately 94 species of Rhabdias have been described. Because the similar morphological characteristics such as the labial structures, the location of the(More)
The present study describes light microscopy, transmission electron microscopy, and molecular analyses of a myxosporid found parasitizing the gill region of the teleost fish Cichla temensis, collected from the Tocantins River, near Cametá, Pará State, Brazil. The prevalence of infection was 60 %. The spore-containing cysts that were located in the gill(More)
Absctract Eustrongylides spp. nematodes have birds as final hosts and uses other vertebrates as intermediate/paratenic host (fish, amphibians and reptiles) and have zoonotic potential. In amphibians, the larvae may be located in the subcutaneous tissues, liver and mesentery, between the muscle fibres, especially in the lower limbs. Rhinella marina, which is(More)
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